photography: Andrew Guillaume

 photography : anastasia la fey

photography : anastasia la fey


photography: Andrew Guillaume


" ...nature has endowed us with one skin too few...a fully sentient being should wear its nervous system externally."  - J.G.Ballard


Anastasia La Fey is an artist/ maker working in the realms of textile artistry, inhabitable sculptures, textile-centric sculptures & installations and collaborative multi-disciplinary works.

With an integral philosophy rooted deep in the practice of true craftsmanship, and with over 20 years honing her skills and maintaining an unwavering dedication focused on the mastering of her craft, Anastasia La Fey's explorations of cloth and textile span the realms of both art and design.

With a garment-as-artform approach, and an exceptional eye for detail, Anastasia gained a reputation for highly skilled craftsmanship, the employment of intricate and complex fabrication techniques, hand-worked detailing, an elegant theatricality and a work ethic bordering on the obsessive.

This approach to her craft has led her from a creating avant garde fashion works to an increasingly art-focused practice pursuing her own solo investigations as well as collaborating with other artists working in the areas of sculpture, painting, photography, film, sound, dance, performance and installation art.

Currently her work is exclusively available via appointment through her Studio located in Melbourne, Australia with select demi-couture pieces represented through Sass Stilemans' new venture STILEMAN.


creative practice:

from late 2016 La Fey's focus has increasingly moved toward an art-based practice specifically interested in investigating the deep connections of the human psyche to cloth, the relationship between textile and body, the garment as sculpture & as transformative chrysalis and the symbolic and totemic power of dress through both solo and collaborative sculpture, installation-based, performance, still and moving-image works.



available for art and installation-based collaborative projects as well as artist assistant projects where specialized textile design & construction techniques are required


available for private commission of beautiful one-off garments, designed and constructed with skill and a heightened attention to detail.


creating, exhibiting and investigating a single design concept has allowed for capsule collections to be approached as works of art and executed with great consideration, care and workmanship- each garment is beautifully crafted and hand-finished with a commitment to the limited production of each design.


available as a freelance costumier, either as designer or maker or both –  with experience in the areas of dance, theatre, performance art, cabaret,  film & music video.

vintage collection/ restoration:

a collection spanning Victorian to 1960s and acquired over 15 years, selected items are available for private sale, with others available for hire to film, advertising, music video, photographic shoots.

available for vintage & antique garment restoration/ alteration commissions - using traditional couture techniques and era-appropriate materials to ensure the integrity of the original garment or accessory is not compromised.


Anastasia La Fey acknowledges the Wurundjeri and the Boonwurroung people of the Kulin Nation as the traditional custodians of the lands and waters on which her work is primarily created and produced.