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Anastasia is so excited to announce her offer for artists residency at Sauerbier House in 2020 for her proposed project REMNANT (working title).

During the residency, the artist is invited to creatively respond to cultural, social or environmental aspects of this complex and culturally significant coastal location and generate a resolved body of new works to be exhibited at the conclusion of their tenure.

REMNANT proposes to create and situate a series of textile-based works within, and in response to, the natural environment surrounding Port Noarlunga. Works which would be left to change and erode under natural conditions - a deliberately ephemeral undertaking.

Anastasia La Fey is also looking forward, within the community engagement aspect of the residency, to engage with rural and regional queer youth and investigate the importance of creativity on the path to self-determination and self-expression.

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Anastasia La Fey is pleased to have her work, inhabitable sculpture MUTAFORMA chosen for exhibition at the 2018 Hong Kong Business Of Design Week.

The Melbourne Fashion Showcase at 7 Mallory Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong, will include jewellers, fashion designers, costume, shoe and textile designers, artists and makers from 1st - 9th December, 2018.

Curated by Virginia Dowzer, WE ARE LUXURY will present an exhibition of nearly 40 leading artisans and makers, who represent a ‘new luxury’, born in Melbourne. The exhibition will amplifies Melbourne’s sub-culture and thriving trade of bespoke creation and unique design.

This showcase is to be the largest-ever international presentation of Melbourne fashion & fashion art - READ MORE…




Expanding on the ideas investigated in the work OBAKE and delving deeper into the concept of garment as transformative chrysalis, the symbolism of the  metamorphosis process -  egg, larva, pupa and imago - and the connections made by the spinning of silken threads;  2018 brings the beginning of research and development stages of a long-imagined body of work that references dreams, nightmares, mythology, the desire for self-determined transformation and the weaving of ones own worlds.

The first stage of the project will begin investigations - through the work MUTAFORMA created for Camille Hannah's BARBARIANS exhibition in collaboration with dancer James Andrews and QUAM CHRYSALLIDEM #1 created for Gliders ENLIGHTENMENT PROJECT in collaboration with dancers Holly Durant & Lily Paskas Goodfellow - the potentialities of movement of the inhabitable sculptures created, as well as examine their possibilities within both a gallery and natural setting.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Further experimentation, documentation, investigation and collaboration with performers Benjamin Hancock, James Andrews and Samuel Harlett-Welk will continue throughout 2018. 

The second stage of the project will begin in June 2018 and will be focused on the consultation, design and development of cocoon-like "skeleton" structures which can safely and effectively contain a performer whilst suspended. This stage of the process will involve specialist consultation with acrobat Jarred Dewey, circus performer & teacher Rockie Stone and continued developmental collaboration with dancers Samuel Harnett-Welk, Benjamin Hancock and James Andrews.                                                                            

The aim is to perform an initial Work-In-Progress early 2019 before proceeding to a full-scale developmental STAGE #3 creating works for exhibition in 2020.  

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March 2018 sees Anastasia La Fey invited to embark on the creation of two inhabitable sculptures for the second installment in Gliders Hard Things To Talk About series. Bringing together La Fey's interest in exploring the garment as transformative chrysalis and the ideas behind The Enlightenment Project - exploring aliveness, ancient wisdom, philosophy and meaning - this live installation work is to be held in Sydney's Royal Botanical Gardens across two events in late May and early July 2018

More will be revealed as the project develops.




Anastasia La Fey is excited to announce an invitation to collaborate with Melbourne-based, internationally recognised, award-winning artist Camille Hannah.                                                                                                                                                                               The works created from this collaboration are to be included in Hannah's first solo show to be held in Melbourne, May 2018.                                                         

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SIGNAL POST (working title)

Signal Post is a work developed out of the 40-min collaborative film created for projection at the solo exhibition BRUTALIST - 11 inhabitable sculptures held at Besser Space, May 2017.
Following this site-specific experiential exhibition, Signal Post is born from a desire to further investigate the possibilities of this film responding to new sites and their inherent spatial discourse.
Building upon the original films' narrative of otherness, isolation, loss, dreaming, melancholy and the desire to discover/create a place of belonging, La Fey devised a work that would encompass and realise the notion of "Saudade" (the presence of absence).
Collaboratively Anastasia La Fey, filmmaker, Zakaria Garmsiri and sound designer Michele Vescio are currently developing Signal Post as a work of questioning our experience of both beauty and discomfort - investigating spatial, visual and auditory relationships as an evoked response, neural entrainment and the concept of “visual and auditory medicine”.

The work is to be developed throughout late 2017 and 2018 for exhibition in 2018