Inspired by Brutalist Architecture, May 2017 saw Anastasia La Fey release her second demi-couture offering - and the first installment of BRUTALIST - a raw and architectural capsule collection of eleven "inhabitable sculptures" for the winter of 2017.

This collection, as with the first, is made up of only a small number of singular, sculptural garments, emphasizing the designers fashion-as-artform approach to her work.

Employing a grey-scale palette and retaining the cloths raw edges, emulating the concrete, steel and rough-hewn stone typical of Brutalism, high quality wool, merino wool felt, cashmere blends and leather have been cleverly manipulated to create androgynous garments which are both visually arresting and complex in their structure and yet still infinitely wearable.

       Approaching her work with the intent to allow each new concept the time to be further investigated, explored and developed, the remainder of 2017 will see La Fey continue to expand upon the architectural framework embodied in the BRUTALIST winter collection, creating lighter interpretations of the works in silk organza, cotton organdie and linen.

  Each piece is available as a limited-run custom order. To make an appointment to view the collection and/or place your order please contact the designer HERE.     Select pieces from the collection will also soon be available from Sass Stilemans' new venture STILEMAN, opening August 2017

Presented by Just Another & Besser Space, with support from sponsors 42Below & Kent St Bar, BRUTALIST, in collaboration with film maker Zakaria Garmsiri and sound designer/artist Michele Vescio, was unveiled in exhibition on May 11 in Melbourne, Australia - please CLICK HERE to view the moving image created for this event.

photography: Zakaria Garmsiri :: models : Anna Willaton & Jarred Dewey


For the full film created for Exhibition PLEASE CLICK HERE       

creative director: Anastasia La Fey l art director & cinematographer: Zakaria Garmsiri l sound designer: Michele Vescio

models: Jarred P. Dewey & Anna Willaton
1AC: Harry Byrne l MUA: Enya Arsenal l crew: Nathaniel Youkhana & Sam Willersdorf





anastasia la fey would like to sincerely thank Jonathan Martinez Design, PrestonZly and the following sponsors whose support assisted the showing and exhibition of the BRUTALIST collection in Melbourne, May 11, 2017 at Besser Space, Collingwood.

she would also like to especially recognize the invaluable contribution of BRUTALIST construction assistant Daniel Hindson - without whom none of this would have been possible.