couture expansion on demi-couture BRUTALIST Moth design

hand-fabricated silk organza

performer : Moira Finucane THE RAPTURE

photography: Simon Schluter  l mua: Nikki D  l primordial breastplate by Kate Durham - *shoot for story by Janice Breen Burns

"Her “ice queen” cloak for Finucane’s monologue at top of the world, is a revelation of itself, a wave of pearly silk organza, laboriously caught and stitched into hundreds of tiny, intricate origami folds. Later, at Spectrum’s cover shoot by photographer Simon Schluter, when Finucane is strapped into Kate Durham’s evocative breastplate, and La Fey’s cloak is drawn close around it, brushing her hips and shoulders, it slips and bobs and undulates like a creature, rolls like a foaming wave."


words : Janice Breen Burns