March 2018 saw Anastasia La Fey invited to embark on the creation of multiple inhabitable sculptures for the second installment in Gliders Hard Things To Talk About series. Bringing together La Fey's interest in exploring the garment as transformative chrysalis and the ideas behind The Enlightenment Project - exploring aliveness, ancient wisdom, philosophy and meaning - this live installation work is to be held in the Calyx at Sydney's Royal Botanical Gardens across two events in late May and early July 2018 as part of VIVID Sydney 2018.

In collaboration with Glider Global, musician Benjamin Skepper and performers Holly Durant, Lily Paskas, Samuel Harnett-Welk, Lee Searle & Raghav Handa, La Fey has created a primary sculptural work - QUAM CHRYSALLIDEM #1.

Expanding on the ideas investigated in the work OBAKE and delving deeper into the concept of garment as transformative chrysalis & the symbolism of the  metamorphosis process -  egg, larva, pupa and imago - this work, alongside MUTAFORMA for Camille Hannah's BARBARIANS, is part of the first stage - EGG - of investigation as part of a larger body of work THE CHRYSALIS PROJECT.

Complimented by costume work - THE SHROUDS - Anastasia was honoured to create this work for this remarkable project.

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performer collaborators : Holly Durant, Samuel Hartnett-Welk & Lily Paskas l photography : Kathy Luu

performer collaborator : Lee Searle l photography : Kathy Luu