On Friday February 8th, 2019 I received an unexpected email in my inbox - it was welcoming me as a January 2020 Artist-in-Residence at the Chateau d'Orquevaux, Champagne-Ardenne, France, and informing me that I was also a recipient of the Denis Diderot A-i-R grant of €1500 toward the partial cost of the residency.

The program received applications from artists from 32 countries and I feel extremely fortunate and humbled, as an emerging and non-traditional artist, to have been accepted and am terribly excited at the potential and possibility of such an incredible opportunity.

The costs involved in partaking in such an amazing creative opportunity are not slight however, and to assist me to raise the big $$ required to cover costs of travel, insurance, the residency itself, & materials I am offering donor-patrons one of my “shit self-portraits” (or, alternatively, a “shit portrait” of themselves) in exchange for each and every contribution they make to my Chateau d’Orquevaux Residency Fund.

Each portrait will be an original, signed, continuous line pen on paper drawing - in the style indicated by the examples pictured below - and, unless specifically requested otherwise, I will create a new and original “shit self portrait” for each and every donor/ patron - works will vary in size from A8 to A2 and in direct relation to the contribution made & as (standard) postage costs will be met by me from your donation please consider the cost of postage & packaging to your destination when making your contribution.

All the shit self portraits pictured below are available, unless marked otherwise (click a portrait for drawing dimensions & availability). Should you wish to request a particular drawing, please do so via the comment box available to you when making your donation. More drawings will be added sporadically to the selection below.

*Drawing dimensions/ availability details may not be available if viewing on mobile device and are best accessed via a desktop computer.

Should you prefer a shit portrait of yourself (or someone else, your pet, plant or an inanimate object of which you are particularly fond) please email me via the link below prior to making your donation.

DONATE VIA THE BUTTON BELOW - please be sure to include your postal address in the comments box so that I can send you your shit. If you wish to contribute but don’t have a paypal account please email via the link below to arrange alternative means by which to donate.

**DUE TO an overwhelming and unexpected response it may take up to 4 weeks max for your drawing to reach you

**IN RESPONSE to your enquiries: should you wish to donate and not receive a drawing in exchange please simply donate via the button below & write ‘too shit for me” in the comments box, its that easy - no shit.

*with a desire for full financial transparency, all donors/ patrons can view my official acceptance letter and regularly updated residency fund financial breakdown HERE or EMAIL ME with any questions or for further information

I would like to express my deep gratitude to all who have contributed to this fund, each of whom are listed on my PATRON page


click on an image to enlarge and for details/ availability

For as small a donation as $2 (plus the cost of a postage stamp*) you too can get yourself a shit drawing :: these little body part drawings measure only 4 x 5cm - together they make a complete shit self portrait - alone they are a small bit of paper with some random lines without context - and if that’s not Art then what is?
*cost of stamp to post tiny bits of shit are as follow: within australia - $1 :: to new zealand & asia/ pacific- $2 ::rest of the world - $3