Collaboration is an integral aspect of Anastasia La Fey's work - a major focus of her practice comes from the desire to create and populate alternate worlds and without the skills, talent, commitment, dedication and generosity of others, these worlds would be very empty places indeed.

Creative exchange, the challenge of ones ideas and the conversation that occurs through collaboration is the alchemy that allows many of Anastasia's ideas to come to fruition and she would like to extend her infinite gratitude and express her sense of honour to be able to work with the following remarkable talent...  


ENVIRONMENT                                                                                                                                                               PERFORM l MODEL

Projekt 3488 :: Hear No Evil                                                                                Agent Cleave :: Hear No Evil; Show Stopper; Brutalist (exhibition)

Besser Space :: Brutalist (exhibition)                                                                                                                             Anna Willaton :: Brutalist

Benjamin Hancock :: Hear No Evil; Brutalist (exhibition); Obake - Brutal White

Holly Durant :: Quam Chrysallidem #1

James Andrews :: Hear No Evil; Brutalist (exhibition); Obake - Brutal White; Mutaforma

Jarred P. Dewey :: Brutalist (film)

Lily Paskas :: Quam Chrysallidem #1

Samuel Harnett-Welk :: Quam Chrysallidem #1


IMAGE l SOUND                                                                                                                                                                    HAIR l MAKEUP


Zakaria Garmsiri :: director of photography - still & moving image :: Brutalist                        Jessi-Leigh :: Brutalist (exhibition); Obake - Brutal White

director of photography - moving image :: Barbarians                                                                  Enya Arsenal :: Brutalist (film)

Gianfranco Di Ilorio :: director/ editor (video capture) :: Obake - Brutal White                       Andrew Guillaume :: Modular (+ image post production)

Michele Vescio :: sound :: Brutalist; Obake - Brutal White; Mutaforma                         

Suzanne Phoenix :: Hear No Evil; Satyr; Brutalist (exhibition)

Evan Peter Fowler :: still photography :: Modular

Andrew Britt :: sound technician :: Brutalist (film)


Daniel Hindson :: construction assistant

Jonathan Martinez Design :: graphic design

Fiona Knight :: consultant