Anastasia La Fey would like to thank each and every one of the incredible individuals who have believed in and supported her work in a myriad of ways, but especially she would like to thank those friends, family, fellow artists and supporters who have offered their patronage and whose generous support has enabled projects to be pursued, materials to be purchased, food to be bought, studio rent to be paid and (most importantly) collaborators to be recompensed & time to be spent making art at times when, without this patronage, these things would have been impossible.

Please know that your generosity is met with the utmost gratitude and a steadfast commitment from the artist to continue to work hard, to continue to strive to the mastery of her craft and to remain ever committed to her creative goals.

For other generous individuals who are interested in patronage - be it general, for a specified use or to help fund a particular project; ongoing or one-off; be it through the commission or purchase of work or through a donation -please enquire via the Patron button below





                                                                                                                                                    ARTIST PATRONS


CHATEAU ORQUEVAUX ARTIST RESIDENCY - to become a patron please click HERE

thank you so much to each of the following generous individuals who have supported my fair-exchange #doodlesfordollars residency fundraiser or donated directly to assist me attend this residency - Jen Britten : Gavin Vance : Jonathan Gleeson : Suzanne Phoenix : Elizabeth Ewing : Fiona Knight : Jane Kiddell : Fiona Coull : Melanie Longmire : Susan Lloyd-Angol : David Geoffrey Hall : Tom Eeles : Anton Jurenovic : Sam Wilson : Hayly Giaccio : Marcus Encel : Michele Vescio : Robyn Quigley : Emma Rodwell : Garret Stringer : Franco D’Iorio : Joe Frank

and to the following lovely humans who have offered in-kind pre-/ post-residency accommodation in London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and NYC - Reuben R Kaye : Judy Schreiber : Claudio Othel & JS Legault : Erin Tasmania : Colin Carter Lyerly


Reuben R Kaye ::  Ilze Frank :: Sam Wilson




THE CHRYSALIS PROJECT -stage #2 lead-in

this project is supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through the Australian Cultural Fund and through the generous donations of                      - Kevin Anthony : Toby Benador : Johnny Emp : Eberhard Frank : Jess Hill : Holdin Hope : Fiona Knight  Susan Lloyd-Angol : Louise Seymour : Sam Wilson : Kate Hannaford & the Moth Design team : Stuart Walford : Benjamin Hancock : Jarred Dewey : Richard Chadwick : Hayley Foster : Rose Gaumann : Romaine Logere : David Geoffrey Hall : JT Eales : Virginia Dowzer : Amanda McKenna : Michele Vescio : Gaye Naismith :  James Andrews & Anonymous donors




Mark Fenech :: Fiona Knight :: Kingsly McInnes