works in progress 2019

“The question is, therefore, whether it will be possible to turn us humans into benign parasites on the surface of the earth, whose various evolved ecosystems would retain their ability to function, or rather,whether we will continue to be part of the earth’s ecosystem in the same way that a malignant tumor is — never for a long time — part of a person’s body: All bets are off.”

D.Pauly 2014 University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Terratomas - river rock : pig skin : human hair

An extension of investigations unfolding from the Agglomerations works, HOMOPARASITE l TERRATOMA are a collection of tactile assemblages exploring human relationships with the environment.

Examining contrasting notions and academic theories that we humans are (1) parasites (i.e. a constitutive element of the ecosystems we exploit) or (2) a “cancer on the Earth”

As is with Agglomerations, these works are still in their early stages and are still being approached as works in progress/ development, using experimental making as methodology.