ORIGAMI : balletlab


Created for Philip Adams' company Balletlab, ORIGAMI was Anastasia La Fey's first foray into costume for dance in 2005/06.

The particularity of this work provided her a unique avenue to further investigate a long existant fascination with the structural properties and articulation of the fold.

Extending further from her previous use of vintage & antique Japanese textiles and applications of origami techniques in her couture works, Anastasia La Fey responded both to Adams' intricate choreography, which focused on the concept of folding and unfolding, and to the folding set designed by BURO architects.

all exhibition photography: NGV art department

A nine month period of research development and work-in-progress experimentation, through applications in both paper and cloth, realised the finished design and make, utilising vintage and antique Japanese textiles, of twenty two intricately folded, hand-crafted sculptural creations for eight dancers - traditional Origami techniques, tesselations and pleating were employed to create complex and ornamental costumes focused on the Art of the Fold.

Described by reviewers as "striking", "intricately ornamental", "beautifully erotic" and as "having the ability to appear as structural samurai armoury one moment and a pile of laundry the next", her debut work for dance so impressed as to be chosen in 2008 to feature in The Victorian Arts Centre's exhibition SEAMLESS - WHERE COSTUME MEETS DANCEalongside alongside historic & contemporary costumes from the Arts Centres’s Performing Arts Collection, the Australian Ballet, Bangarra Dance Theatre and the Sydney Dance Company, including works by renowned Australian designers Kenneth Rowell, Jennifer Irwin, Akira Isogawa and more.


all in performance photography: Jeff Busby